About Us

Alpha Hop Sales was established in 2012 by hop growers in western Idaho.  Our goal is to provide Craft Breweries access to top quality, true to variety hops. Local grown varieties of hops include Newport and Zeus. These are grown in the Parma and Wilder area of Idaho. Several organic varieties are also available.

We have hosted Hop Tours and if interested in a tour let us know.  Craft Brewers from Idaho and Oregon have toured hop fields, met with the growers, and walked through the pickers. We will take you through the process from the field to bale.  This  gives us the opportunity to share our passion of hop growing with Brewers, while at the same time giving us a chance to learn about the varieties of hops that you are using or desire to use. If you have an interest in hops and want to know more about the current varieties that we have for sale, you can contact: Debbie at 208.989.3677 or by email Debbie@alphahopsales.com